Transforming Regulated Operations
Through Digitization and Data Consolidation

Eradicate Paper,
Spreadsheets &
Outdated Software

PERFEQTA Business Process Software


Specifically developed for government, public & private organizations to help stem the spread of COVID-19

Real Impact

Do you have a process that needs optimizing?

Reduce Costs, Increase Control, and Actualize Quality.
70% of PERFEQTA Users Reported Over 50% Increase in Productivity!
Over 80% Decrease in Errors or Near-Misses for PERFEQTA Users.
Affordable & Scalable! Only Pay For The Features You Need.
Go Paperless & Solve Complex Problems in a Fraction of the Time!
3000+ Pre-Built Solutions or Build Your Own without Programming.
Connect to EMR, BECS, ERP, MRP, LIS, CRM Platforms and Devices.

Industry Focus

One Platform for Regulated Industries

Serving highly regulated organizations around the world since 2005. Based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA.

  • We Put People First
  • We Own What We Do
  • We Deliver On Time
  • We Do More With Less

Organizations who’ve already
perfected their process with PERFEQTA

Organizations using PERFEQTA business management software


Track Task Status and Operation Performance
Over 3000 Pre-Built Solutions. Customize or Create your own!
Customize Any Kind of Data Sets with Entities
Connect with Devices and Integrate with 1500 Systems
Schedule Work Activities and Escalate if Not Completed
Intelligent Workflow and Dynamic Routing
Real-Time Reporting and AI-Powered Business Intelligence
Receive Alerts to Know When Events Occur or Data Change
Custom Acceptance Criteria for Quality & Process Control

Flexible Features
Flexible Pricing

Transparent pricing to help you calculate your ROI without hidden costs and add-on surprises.
Flexible pricing! You only pay for the features that will help your business thrive today!
Backed by our support, delivery and value guarantee. We strive to keep you happy.
PERFEQTA business management software

Learn how PERFEQTA can transform your organization!

Whether you need a simple data entry form or a workflow-rich app that manages multiple connected processes, PERFEQTA can help!
See for yourself! 
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