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Who We Are & How PERFEQTA Can Work For You

PERFEQTA is a highly customizable Application-Building Platform developed to help organizations cut costs, increase throughput and improve quality by utilizing industry-specific solutions or by configuring their own solutions quickly and easily. No need for programming expertise or long hours to validate.


PERFEQTA is a product of Productive Technologies. The company was launched in 2005 and quickly grew to be a technological innovator in life science, healthcare, financial, and other highly-regulated industries. Sigma Blood Systems was formed in 2009 to focus on the specialized requirements of blood and plasma collection industry. The PERFEQTA platform is the result of years of collaborative engagement with thought leaders and practitioners to solve the divide between business requirements and technology solutions. With PERFEQTA, organizations easily create flexible and compliant software solutions that address their exact requirements.

who we are

Here at PERFEQTA, we are defined by our core values and our promise to PERFEQTA users. The values detailed below guide our work, outline our office culture, and inform our decision-making.
WE ARE THE CLIENT: We build solutions based on a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and value metrics.
WE ARE QUALITY: We serve highly-regulated organizations and follow a robust quality management system (QMS) to deliver top-notch solutions.
WE OUTDO OURSELVES: We deliver beyond our clients’ expectations in product and service.
We serve organizations that need flexible solutions to address their operational challenges. We speak fluent ISO, cGMP, 21 CFR, HIPAA, and other standards that require a high level of performance and compliance. We also work with city and county governments across the world.

join us!

We are currently hiring exceptional people in software development, implementation, compliance, sales, and marketing. We also have open positions for interns in the following disciplines: computer science, business and marketing majors.

Email us at Career@Perfeqta.Io today and let’s talk!

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