Hoxworth Blood Center Case Study



Increased productivity and guaranteed compliance by automating work processes

By using PERFEQTA, the blood center increased their efficiency by automating their work processes, streamlined the review of QC process through scheduling and standardization, and eliminated the possibility of using out-of-date control.


The Hoxworth Blood Center is known for its outstanding work that saves thousands of lives. Recently, they identified several aspects of their operations that offer opportunities to improve quality control and efficiency at their various locations.

The outdated system made it difficult to manage inventory, hold Hoxworth team members accountable for specific tasks before and after blood drives, and work efficiently due to manual entry processes. Additionally, the waste of time and resources was causing excess spending. Considering the state of their systems, the following issues were a top priority to address:

  • Reducing the cost of waste due to out-of-range or expired controls
  • Increasing visibility and accountability in daily quality checks before and after blood drives
  • Manual QC process was causing bottlenecks and increased the chance of errors


With several critical issues to address, the PERFEQTA team had immediate solutions to several of Hoxworth’s problems by simply utilizing some of the platform’s basic functionality. Automating all formerly manual processes showed huge increases in team productivity and efficiency. Additional solutions were implemented that specifically addressed their requirements and further optimized their business. The full suite of solutions and results for Hoxworth included:

  • Automated all manual processes
  • Eliminated the possibility of using out-of-date or expired controls
  • Streamlined the review of the QC process with scheduling and standardization

“PERFEQTA is the perfect solution for a regional blood center because it grows with you. We can automate our daily quality control processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Hoxworth expects to save 4x our investment in unnecessary spending in our first year on the platform. Transitioning our team from paper to PERFEQTA has been smooth and transformative.”

– R. George Wells, Manager Donor Qualification System

about this client

Hoxworth welcomes a wide range of individuals who all have one thing in common: they want to save lives. We want to make sure you and all donors understand the different ways to donate and the special power inherent with each blood type.

Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati was founded in 1938 and serves 31 hospitals in 18 counties in Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana. Annually, Hoxworth collects more than 70,000 units of blood from local donors to help save the lives of patients in area hospitals. Your decision to join our lifesaving mission is significant and meaningful.