Convalescent Plasma

Now FREE for many blood banks!
Help those that recovered from COVID-19 submit their information and self qualify to donate plasma.

Collect details from potential Convalescent Plasma donors, help them self-qualify and manage their applications efficiently and the complete cycle from submission to connecting the data to your BECS. No more paper or disconnected online forms and worksheets.

Respond to Changing Demands

Now PERFEQTA allows you to respond faster to a changing world. Now accept donor details online privately and securly.

  • Easy step by step process to help donors self-qualify to donate plasma
  • Go beyond data collection with PERFEQTA workflow management and do more with fewer resources
  • Eliminate submission errors, and improve customer service for your donors.
Customizable business process software

Limitless Possibilities

Use the new PERFEQTA Online Form module and customize your data collection form to collect the data you need from anywhere.

  • Accept over 30 types of data including documents, media files and allow for hand signatures
  • Retrieve submissions in PERFEQTA and manage data post submission and add context for further processing
  • Integrate data into your donor management system
  • Control design and match your organization branding
  • Export to CSV, Excel or PDF and much more!
Business management software for consolidation across organization departments

Additonal Benefits

Save donor data into PERFEQTA or export to Excel, CSV or PDF or your BECS or donor management system
roles and permissions perfeqta
Control access to data based on user roles and location
employers icon perfeqta contact tracing
Utilize fewer human resources and improve accuracy and response time
alerts icon perfeqta
Drive timely action with real-time alerts based on pre-configured conditions and data changes
workflow automation icon perfeqta
Replace your current manual forms or hard-to-manage worksheets with a 100% automated solution
HIPAA protection Perfeqta
HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
let perfeqta save you time with our no code software
Setup takes days, not weeks or months!

Learn how PERFEQTA can help stem the spread of COVID-19

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