Frequently Asked Questions




Our goal is to provide service above all else, and that includes answering as many questions about PERFEQTA as possible in an easy-to-find and accessible way. If you do not see the answer to your question in our list of PERFEQTA FAQs below, please feel free to contact us so a member of our team can help you as soon as possible.


Q: Can you customize your form? If so, to what extent?

Yes! You can do it or we can do it for you. We designed our software so that solution apps can be created and modified easily and efficiently without software programming. Start with simple forms for basic data entry jobs and quickly work your way up to advanced smart applications to manage your complex operations with advanced acceptance criteria and multithreaded logical operations and workflows.

Q: This tool says no coding is needed, but if you are capable of coding, can you add/use code to PERFEQTA?
Q: Is there a way to define permissions (make fields editable, read-only or hidden)?
Q: Can the application be used on mobile and on desktop?
Q: What functions can be completed within the mobile version of the tool?
Q: What types of reports can be viewed using PERFEQTA? Are they automatically generated or do they require setup?
Q: Are there any limitations on how many users are allowed?
Q: How many user roles are available and what access does each role receive?
Q: How many users can I receive with each plan? Is there a limit?
Q: What tools included in the application can be tailored to my business?
Q: What’s the easiest way for users to track and review all workflow processes within PERFEQTA?
Q: Can the application be used without an internet connection?
Q: Can automatic alerts be scheduled?
Q: Does PERFEQTA integrate with other software or devices? What platform integrations does PERFEQTA support?
Q: How much document or data storage do I get with my plan?
Q: Will PERFEQTA build my applications for me?
Q: Does my plan include customer support? What are the limitations, if any?
Q: Which quality management standards, if any, does PERFEQTA meet?
Q: How long is the training process to begin using PERFEQTA?