Contact Tracing for Covid-19

Steam the spread of Covid-19 and the Coronavirus with the right tool to trace and manage Covid-19 cases.

Contact tracing is the practice of identifying and tracking people exposed to Covid-19. Contact tracing helps protect communities by giving timely notices to individuals with suspected exposure to infected with Coronavirus, giving those exposed ample time to get tested and take appropriate precaution.

Working with public and private healthcare agencies, PERFEQTA now offers a complete solution to track covid-19 cases pre and post onset of symptoms. Now, you can help stem the spread of covid-19. Replace your endless paper process with completely automated process to record covid-19 infected persons and trace their contact history and care administered for them to get better.


Easy Implementation
Regulatory Compliance
  • Record and trace all contacts of Covid-19 cases
  • Track type of contacts and determine risk level automatically
  • Ensure that employers and others are contacted so they make take precautions
  • Measure exposure area and potential spread
  • Manage complete investigations and risk level assessments
  • Record administered care and daily temperature as reported by infected persons
  • Track exposure timelines before and after onset of symptoms
  • Monitor real-time trends and identify potential hot spots
  • Share reports and dashboards with the public and stakeholders
  • HIPAA & 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Replace your current manual forms or hard-to-manage worksheets with a 100% automated solution
  • Allow your valuable human resources to focus on more important tasks than shuffling paper and correcting errors
  • Ensure every change is tracked and completed on time
  • Link your change control tasks with PERFEQTA's QMS apps or other operational apps.

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