Validation Management

Manage the Complete Life-Cycle of the Change and Get Insights

Compliant with FDA, GMP/ GAMP, ISO 9001, and 21 CFR Part 11. Automate the process of validation and verification of approved specifications for any product or service you provide. Reduce validation and out of specification investigation turnaround time and share findings with the appropriate members of the team. Assure compliance and completion of investigations and link other management apps in PERFEQTA QMS for a more holistic approach to quality management.


Easy Implementation
Regulatory Compliance
  • Replace all of your current manual forms or hard-to-manage worksheets with 100% automated solutions that match the way you work and not the way a vendor decided you should do it. PERFEQTA is flexible around your needs.
  • Access related SOPs for any process related to supplier qualification, selection, monitoring, or corrective action investigation.
  • Have an up-to-date list of all incidents and reports organization-wide with any data points, including discovery date, reported issues, severity, specifications, and compliance reports, and anything else you track today or you want to track in the future.
  • Access a complete history of all activities and events associated with a validation or verification event.
  • Know immediately when a related open ticket or action has exceeded or is close to exceeding a user-defined threshold, and activate the appropriate action using intelligent workflows.
  • Schedule audits and discover early warning indicators before they become problems.
  • Save time and effort by allowing other team members to share their feedback and input and manage follow-up automatically.
  • Alert users of pending tasks to be completed and receive alerts when scheduled events are overdue.
  • Increase visibility across the enterprise and measure in real-time your risk profile and status for all open deviations and the disposition of all closed validation and out of specification items.
  • Allow PERFEQTA intelligent workflow routing to initiate the appropriate tasks and engage other functions in PERFEQTA QMS solution or any user-defined action as defined in your SOP.
  • Reduce errors and deficiencies and increase the efficiency and productivity of the QA and operational business areas with real-time visibility of validation, verification and out of specification reports such as certificates, status, ratings, quality improvement, and compliance.

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