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Quality Control Management

Digitize, consolidate and standardize all of your QC and inspection needs for any product or resource into one scalable platform

Compliant with FDA, GMP/ GAMP, ISO 9001, and 21 CFR Part 11. Replace your laborious manual process or stand-alone quality control management tools with flexible, compliant, and connected quality control in one platform. Highly regulated organizations rely on PERFEQTA to ensure that their products and processes are meeting standards and specifications and to prevent unqualified products or batches from being released.

QMS based, error-free, efficient QC process with bottom-line impact

Automatically schedule and track all of your QC data, and compare them against pre-defined user acceptance criteria. Record your daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual QC on time and reduce errors by directly retrieving data from devices, and production systems, and other quality management software. Manage your QC by the specific site or multiple sites from a centralized location. Detect failures immediately, get alerts when certain conditions are triggered, and make the right decisions based on timely information.

Configurable QC sampling plans with advanced statistical tools

Create your QC plans for any process or use one of the available distribution methods (hypergeometric, binomial, or scan statistics) against any data parameters tracked in PERFEQTA. Quickly identify trends and out-of-control processes as soon as they happen and automatically engage second stage plans. Use Levey-Jennings control charts to detect process changes and ensure process control. Alert the right groups with troubleshooting instructions.

Be on top of your QC in real-time

As you find in every PERFEQTA app, all data is accessible using state-of-the-art reporting and visualization tools. As your QC needs grow, you can add more QC apps for more departments and locations. Record your QC from anywhere using any device and link it directly to CAPA, SCAR, and deviations apps so you can initiate the proper investigation procedure and improve the quality of product and service output.

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